Good Practice in Storing and Approving files in a compliant system

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A simplified Electronic Document Management SystemIndex and digitize all of your business paper documents and software files

Document management software is an increasingly critical part of any business in the digital era. Instead of rows of filing cabinets, document management systems create an electronic archive that any permissioned user can access and edit.

Indexing and easy document retrieval


Multiple users Approve and comment


Archive and Audit trail functionality


A simplified digital document management system

Document management software can help you organize your digital documents and digitize your existing paper records with ease.  GDP Manager has a user-friendly interface which is easy to navigate and neatly organized.

“GDP Manager has been designed to be validation ready to allow its implementation in a timely manner”

GDP Manager is a forum for agreement. It has been designed for usability to allow its introduction to projects to limit user resistance to a new business process.

Document Management, Storage & RetrievalBy electronically storing documents in a compliant manner, a document management system will free up office space while also providing data security.

Efficient document management solutions that accelerate your business process save time that can be spent on other tasks. Know that your document management software is safe, secure, fast, and flexible. GDP Manager is available in a fully functional lite version which allows users to gain experience before moving to the full version.

The Benefits of GDP Manager

Managing your filesWhere you should save a document

File documents logically so that they can be easily managed and quickly retrieved.

Controlled AccessAccess to relevant files only

Remove concern that sensitive information could be accessed by personnel who do not have the necessary authority.

Version ControlCritical when information is shared

GDP Manager saves and tracks all previous versions, ensuring that if a document is accidentally or maliciously altered, the original is always available.

Overview of our APP in use

Our application has been designed to be light weight and fit for purpose in practical use. Please select the link below for an overview on the use of GDP Manager

TRY GDP MANAGERGDP Manager is available as a Lite Application by selecting the download below