The Platform for Process Data Storage and Analysis

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INDUSTRIAL EQUIPMENT LINKED TO INFORMATION SYSTEMSDesigned for performance on an open architecture

The Net Historian Application provides a modern way to store and access production machine data in real-time. Developed with an open architecture, this software enables acquisition of time-based information derived from "big data" collection to allow transformation for use by machine operators, process engineers, and operations management.

Read from a wide range of devices


Meaningful analysis of system performance


Supporting cost - benefit decisions in each process

NET HISTORIAN scalabilityLong term centralised Production Data storage

Modern production facilities use equipment which is automated to standardise the operation of a manufacturing workflow. The automated devices which control the various valves, sensors, motors and other instruments hold data related to a production step in realtime. Net Historian is designed to retrieve this data from a wide range of controllers and modern communication methods. This creates the platform for creating OEE, Lean Six Sigma, Critical Process Parameters and Quality Attribute batch report dashboards.
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The Benefits of NET Historian

BUILT FOR SPEEDOptimised data retrieval from multiple sources

Built from the ground up to access networked devices and store specified data in a central repository

REVIEW PRODUCTION METRICS EASILYAnalyse and verify  performance of equipment

View simplified trends and create reports that make sense of data as the production equipment operates in realtime

VALIDATION AND DOCUMENT READYDesigned for regulated testing environments

NetHistorian comes with a full set of Quality - Validation documentation to allow the seamless introduction of the system to site

Overview of our APP in use

Our application has been designed to be light weight and fit for purpose in industrial data collection. Please select the link below for an overview on the use of NET Historian

TRY NET HISTORIANNET Historian is available as a standalone Application free for use with 100 Tags. To try it, please send a request using the link below