Using all the tools available across the network

In production and across a typical business, there are multiple computer systems used to define batch records, store sensitive data and keep information flowing.  We specialize in getting different systems working together ranging from Database driven web applications to programmable logic controllers operating at the equipment level.

“We have a deep skillset ranging across industrial automation to database driven Web applications and Wireless IoT sensors”

As a company with the capability to create software for PLC's, Web sites and Desktop Applications, we can offer solutions that are of genuine use across an organization.

Our Software projects move across various Platforms

Industrial Controls


Database Applications

Resource Planning, Data storage and Process Control

Web Development

Company wide access

Implementing Ideas

Why You Should Work with UsAt APP, we love what we do. That's why working with us, we can promise you top quality results and customer service.

Each project we engage in will be broken down into stages to ensure our solutions fit your needs and scope. When you work with us we will give examples of previous systems we have provided to other clients.

Business intelligence projects require agreement and planning to be successful. We have the experience behind us to ensure the right strategy for acceptance.